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Air Conditioning

The majority of cars and vans on UK roads now have air conditioning. It's a fantastic addition to your car/van but when it doesn't work - it's really missed especially in the hot summer months. Most people don't realise that air conditioning in cars and vans should be serviced yearly to keep it efficient and ensure that it's always got the right amount of ac charge when you need it.

At Altigo we have a top of the range air conditioning facility, allowing us to extract the old gas in your system, clean it, replace it and top it up with new ac gas to ensure your system is working as efficiently as possible. Our trained staff can handle all of your ac needs, including repairing leaks where they are found - all detected on our system. Our new system also tells us exactly how much ac charge to put into your system, even when recharging a system we can get it exactly spot on! 

We work 7 days a week, 8am to 6pm and with no booking required we can recharge / fix your air conditioning any time at our garage in Hertford. 

With every air conditioning service we provide a receipt to show how much we topped up your system and also how much oil / dye went into the system. Everything is included, we can even explain why your ac stopped working. 

Our air conditioning service costs just £45 and includes and full system clean, leak check and system recharge. If a repair to your air conditioning system is required we can quote for this.

Call us today on 01992 552 426 or email us